IMSD Benefits

Academic Enrichment Activities

To add value to their academic experience at Cornell, IMSD Scholars participate in on-and-off campus academic enrichment opportunities. The co-curriculum focuses on developing research, communication, and other skills. Our scholars also learn to maintain a healthy work-life balance and meet with underrepresented and/or first-generation faculty and industry leaders from Cornell.

Our sessions range from the small cohort level to the university level. In particular, IMSD cohorts in years 3-5 of their degree program also participate in other meetings and serve as mentors for the current cohort in year one and two.

Career Development and Planning

One of the goals of the IMSD program is to stimulate scholars’ involvement in career planning. To ensure their access to campus resources related to research career placement strategies, we encourage scholars to use services and participate in programs offered by the Cornell Career Services and Cornell’s BEST program.

Peer Mentorship

Effective peer mentoring complements faculty mentorship within the laboratory setting. IMSD fellows not only have the opportunity to develop personal and professional relationships with their fellow researchers but also have the opportunity to provide guidance and mentorship to undergraduate and prospective students through participation in campus outreach activities.